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Your cholesterol, triglyceride, glucose, blood pressure

Cholesterol test

A drive-in test for cholesterol, glucose, triglyceride and blood pressure in Maidenhead. Performed by Dietitian Hilary Du Cane, a government-registered health professional

The drive-in test will be done at 3 Ashdown, Maidenhead, SL6 8HU.

As a dietitian, I access up-to-date, evidence-based, clinical information and equipment. Things you can’t get hold of as a consumer. It means I can assure you of accuracy, the highest standard of Covid-secure care and the ability to help you understand your results and what to do to improve them if needed.

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How does it work?

  • Book your appointment and get an email confirmation
  • There’s no need to fast before the test
  • Drive-in and stay safely in your vehicle
  • I’ll take a tiny spot of blood from your finger-tip and place it into my laboratory-standard machine
  • Your blood is accurately and instantly tested for cholesterol, including high- and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol fractions and ratios, plus triglyceride and glucose.
  • I’ll take your blood pressure and pulse using a wrist-cuff – no need to take your coat off
  • I’ll provide your results in writing and explain what they mean, with tips for your next steps
  • Drive away with vital up-to-the-minute information about your health

The whole procedure takes less than 15 minutes and costs just £35, which you can pay on the day by cash or card.

Why have a test for cholesterol, glucose, triglyceride and blood pressure

Well over half of adults in the UK have high cholesterol. This could lead to heart and circulatory diseases such as a stroke or heart attack. Yet most are unaware of the problem. You can’t feel it if your cholesterol is high.

And the same goes for high blood pressure where a quarter of adults are suffering from it, of which about 45% are unaware. That’s 5.5 million people in England alone. Here again, it’s almost impossible to feel if your blood pressure is too high.

When it comes to triglyceride, as many as a third of adults may have high levels but once again remain unaware. Many tests for cholesterol, such as those you may have been offered at work, do not measure triglycerides, yet high levels are just as dangerous to your health as cholesterol.

And finally, let’s not forget glucose. One in 15 people in the UK have diabetes, but over a million have not been diagnosed. And more than 12 million others are at risk of developing diabetes in future, in fact 15 times more likely to do so. A quick check of your blood glucose could indicate if you’re one of these people, and once again, it’s not something you can sense without a test.

Does it matter if your cholesterol, glucose, triglyceride and blood pressure are too high?

Yes. The Department of Health estimates that in England alone about 100,000 people a year die early from causes which are (quote) entirely avoidable. Heart disease is the single biggest killer and its risk factors include high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and diabetes.

High blood pressure and disturbed cholesterol, triglyceride and glucose levels have direct effects on other organs besides your heart and blood vessels. They can also be detrimental to your kidneys, eyes, brain, skin and nails, pancreas, stomach, liver and lungs.

And why now?

It’s a worrying fact that having heart disease or diabetes puts you at greater risk of more life-threatening symptoms if you catch coronavirus. So it’s particularly important to get a check-up now.

The good news is that you can improve your health if you are aware of the problem, and that’s what I’ll advise you on. I’ve been doing these checks for people at their places of work for many years. I often return to retest the same people and find they’ve made big improvements.

Maybe you’re already aware of these problems or are being treated for them and just want to get up-to-date with your figures. Many of us have missed out on routine medical check-ups in the pandemic and the NHS is still facing a backlog of tests needed. In fact, even before the pandemic, you couldn’t get an NHS cholesterol or glucose test unless your GP suspected that you had a cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

Nationally, we’ve seen a big rise in body weight during 2020 and 2021 with many of us changing our eating habits and exercise patterns, particularly those of us now spending more time at home. All this will have had a major impact on your cholesterol, glucose, triglyceride and blood pressure. On the other hand many people have improved their health.

Either way, wouldn’t it be great to find out? Now, here’s your chance.

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Who is the test for?

The test is suitable for adults of all ages from 18 and above. It’s not suitable for you if you’re under 18 or if you’re pregnant. The test is harmless, but scientists don’t know enough about normal levels of cholesterol and the other factors measured to advise you in these circumstances.

Also, you must observe the prevailing rules about coronavirus and not attend if you’re infected or have been told to isolate.

This test is safe, COVID-secure and permitted, even in a lockdown

Even in lockdown, you are allowed to leave home for medical purposes and this test, performed by a government-registered health professional, is most definitely a medical purpose.

It’s also COVID-secure, fully meeting Public Health England’s COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control requirements and those of the Health and Safety Executive.

  • You must wear a face mask, unless you’re medically exempt
  • You should attend alone or in a pair with someone from your bubble
  • As a frontline healthcare provider, I’ve been vaccinated for COVID, which makes me very unlikely to contract or transmit the virus
  • I test myself twice a week for COVID antigens
  • I’ll check your temperature with a non-contact thermometer
  • I’ll be in full PPE
  • The only physical contact you’ll have will be with sterile gloves and sterile testing equipment on your fingertip and wrist
  • Only one vehicle attends at a time, with anyone waiting some distance away in their own vehicle
  • We’ll be together for just under 15 minutes, almost all of it socially distanced. According to NHS Track and Trace, this counts as not in contact.
  • Finally, we’ll both be out of doors in the fresh air, an environment which cuts down your risk of infection dramatically

How to book

Simply use the form below. You’ll receive an email confirmation, which you should bring along on the day. I’ll do these tests and hand you your results to take away and keep, along with brief information to help you understand them.

The charge is £35 per person. There’s nothing to pay until the day, when you can pay by cash, card (contactless or with PIN) or some smartphone apps. I accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Applepay, GPay, Samsung Pay, Discover, Diners Club, Union Pay and JCB. Please note that you cannot pay by Amex, cheque or by bank transfer.

Ideally, you’ll come on your own or with another person from your bubble. It’s best to come in a car or van. You’ll remain in the vehicle with the window open. If more than one person in the vehicle wants a test, you must book consecutive appointments and of course, pay for each test.

If you come in a wheelchair or mobility scooter, you can of course remain in the chair. I’ll provide some shelter if it’s raining.

You can come on foot, by bicycle or motorbike, but for the test you will need to be seated in a chair with armrests. I have a fold-up one which I’ll sterilise for you.

Finally, if your vehicle is bigger than a van, please park in the road and I’ll come out to you. 


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