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A few answers to typical questions


We’ve just got one little task we need done in a hurry. Can you help?

Yes, I often take on projects that take just a few hours to complete.

We don’t need a permanent nutritionist, we need specialist help from time to time. Could we call you in just as needed?

Yes and each time you call, you save time and money by not having to brief a stranger who starts from scratch. If you prefer to ensure my availability when you need me, you could commit to a set number of days a month.

We’re buried in regulations, codes of practice, standards and other requirements about nutrition. Are you up to speed with all this?

Yes and I can guide you through the maze and show you what you could do, must do and must not do.

Can you keep me and my team up to date?

Yes. I have to keep up to date myself in order to remain chartered and registered, and I’m happy to share all this with you. I work new content into my training courses each time I give them. These courses are either completely bespoke or tailored versions of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health’s Level 2 courses.

Can you help clarify what I need you to do?

Yes. Almost invariably, my clients need some creative problem-solving like this to define what needs to be done. Having worked in a wide range of management roles, I understand the complexity and constraints, and can work within them.

What’s the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist?

Dietitians are the only nutrition professionals who are registered by the government with a legally protected title. It’s a criminal offence to call yourself a dietitian if you are not on the Health and Care Professions Council register, whereas anyone can call themselves a nutritionist without any qualifications or experience. So my being a dietitian is an added reassurance for you that my qualifications, professionalism, knowledge and evidence-based practice are regularly and independently assessed.

Are you a consultant?

I prefer the word freelancer. The difference? Consultants advise and freelancers act. It’s really about hands-on implementation, rather than leaving you to act on a consultant’s advice on your own.

How does it compare with employing someone?

It’s much more flexible and a lot cheaper. It can be full-time, part-time or ad hoc. The contract is a no-fuss business-to-business one with none of the risks, costs, upheaval or permanence of employing someone. Another difference is the level of experience. I only take on work for which I’m over-qualified and over-experienced, to ensure a fast start and a focus on delivering the results you want within the agreed time-frame. But, like an employee, I provide the benefit of someone at your premises (or off-site if you prefer), working with you and your team, under your control.

What happens next?

Nutrition Means Business is not an agency, so you would be dealing directly with me, the freelancer who does the work. (see About me). You simply contact me for an informal chat about your needs (see Menu for ideas). If you like the sound of what I offer, we exchange a short, simple agreement and get cracking. Click on Contact me for details.

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